Our Founder’s Story

My name is Ola, I have two beautiful girls who were born at 23 weeks and 29 weeks respectively. My first daughter was born at 23 weeks, with no chance of surviving, she spent nine months in five different hospitals, came home on oxygen and a feeding tube, with lots of hospital appointments. My NICU experience with my daughter inspired me to start a support group for families in similar situations. 

I found the NICU journey very hard and disheartening. I felt I had no where to turn to the first time around and the second time, I had to rely on my experience with my first child and ideas and observations of friends who weren’t even preemie mums. Seeing how tedious and mentally, physically, emotionally draining the experience of having a preemie baby was for myself, my family and other families I encountered, it became imperative to have a support group for families of preemie and sick babies where ideas, experiences, challenges and solutions can be shared. My second daughter was born at 29 weeks exactly a month after starting the group, which

eventually became Colourful Beginnings.

What We Do:

We share stories of babies who have made it through NICU and come out healthy and strong. The success stories we share are there to encourage anyone with a baby in NICU. Sometimes the future looks bleak, but we hope that these stories would be sources of inspiration, hope and strength for the journey with your baby. We also share stories of babies who gained their angel wings very soon, this is to let other families experiencing the same thing, know they are not alone and there are other families they can reach out to, if they ever need to. We also share/answer non-medical questions, allowing other families to ask/answer questions. In a nutshell, Colourful Beginnings is a platform where we can all come together to support each other, no matter what stage we are on the NICU journey or where in the world we are.

Apart from sharing experiences and questions, we also send out NICU care packages throughout the year on a request basis. If you require one for yourself or a family member, please use the 'Request a Care Package' page to make a request.

We also deliver Christmas Care Packages to hospitals during the festive periods. The numbers of hospitals we are able to deliver to depends on funding and donations. We’ve delivered Christmas Care Packages to families in hospitals for the past 3 years and we hope to continue to do so. If you or someone you know can help us reach more families, by making donations, please do get in touch.

Colourful Beginnings is a non-profit group, and we can only do what we do because of those committed to helping by volunteering/donating their time and resources. We need people with diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences, services and products to join us to fulfil our goals of reaching families in NICUs all over the UK. Please reach out to us if you would like to share your story, donate or support in other ways. Let’s work together to put smiles on the faces of families going through a difficult time with their bundles of joy.

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